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Quality Carpet Care Plus...

Serving Litchfield, Hillsboro, Staunton, Gillespie, Carlinville, Vandalia and surrounding areas since 2001.


At Quality Carpet Care Plus we are a family run business that takes great pride in all our services. The cleaning team is a father-son team who have been working together for many years.  The father (Randy) is a master textile cleaner certified through the IICRC in carpet cleaning, upholstery and fabric cleaning, floor care, water damage restoration, odor control, and applied structural drying.  The son (Bradley) is a journeyman textile cleaner certified in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.  The mother (Jael) answers phones, schedules jobs and does the office work.  The daughter (Alexia) does the weekly housecleaning jobs.

Since we are a family owned and operated business we realize that our name is on each and every one of our jobs.  Therefore we want each of our clients to be 100% happy with the completed job.  If you have any complaint or concern please feel free to discuss it with us while we are there or call and talk to us about it. We will be happy to help.

Also, since we strive for excellence in everything we do, we give each and every job the time it takes to do it right.  Therefore, sometimes we run into a situation that is going to take more time than we anticipated.  We will not skimp on anyone's job just to get to the next one.  Therefore, as soon as we see that we may be running longer than anticipated we will call you to let you know our modified ETA.  We don't want to keep anyone waiting, but we also want to give every job our full time and attention to detail.


Carpet Cleaning Litchfield, Hillsboro, Staunton, Gillespie, Carlinville,  Vandalia IL and surrounding areas

Success! Message received.

We feel you have excellent service above and beyond usual.  You cleaned up and didn't leave any follow up work.  Absolutely everything was taken care of.  The cost of your services at the time of appointment was thoroughly explained before you began working.
Nina and Roy Monke, Mt. Olive, IL
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