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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning


Q- Do I have to remove everything from the room to have you clean it?

Answer- No, If you have the small things picked up that will leave room for us to move the larger things like sofas, tables, chairs etc.  We will shuffle things around and replace your furniture on protective coasters so the carpet can dry.

Q- Will the carpet be wet when you are done?

A- The carpet will be a little damp to the touch when we are finished but it will not be soaked or squishy.  

Q- How long will it take to dry?

A- It depends on the drying conditions and the type of carpet you have.  It can be as short a time as 2 hours or as long as overnight.

Q-Can I walk on the carpet after it is cleaned?

A- It will not hurt it to walk on as long as your feet are clean. We can also give you a set of plastic booties to put on so your feet don't get wet.

Q- What kind of cleaning process do you use?

A- We use the hot water extraction method of cleaning, it is commonly called steam cleaning.


Q-How much does this cleaning cost?


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